Rules of Playing Baccarat


Rules of Playing Baccarat 

Baccarat is a popular card game in Americas, Asia and Australia. Popularity comes from simple rules of odds and even. 

Game Rules

There is a 파워볼사이트 player and banker. The player bets first before cards are dealt and one can bet eon banker or player. After two cards are dealt, whoever has number closer to 9 wins. 

When either bank or the player’s two cards result to 8 or 9 in total, it is called ‘natural win’ and game ends. 

However third card can be drawn if the player’s 2 cards score 0-5, other than that player stands.  

For the banker it gets more complex when to get the third card; 

– If player stands, banker draws hand if banker’s hand is 0-5 and stands when hand becomes 6 or 7 in total

– When player’s third card is 2 or 3 : If banker’s score is 0-4, banker draws. Banker stands if hand is 5-7

– When player’s third card is 4-5 : Banker draws for scores 0-5, stays if 6-7

– When player’s third card is 6-7 : Banker draws for scores 0-6, stays if 7 

– When player’s third card is 8 : Banker draws for 0-2, stays if banker score is 3-7 

– When player’s third card is 9-10, face or ace : If banker’s score is 0-3, banker draws but stays with 4-7

Card Values and Computation 

To add the cards up for 8/9 for winning number, one must know the values of cards in Baccarat. 

– 2 to 9 cards : face value 

– 10 and face-cards : zero point 

– Ace : 1 point 

When one’s drawn cards add up to value exceeding 10s (i.e. 11~18) one has to use units digit or drop the 10s. For example, hands of 5 and 7 equals 12, but the value point will be 2 only not 12. 

Bet’s Return

Payout rate differs depending on where one bets. If the winner is banker, only 95% of wager is received while if player wins, double the initial bet amount. 

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